Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of media do you work with?

We work with all kinds of media – if it plays on a screen, we do it. We have expertise and a strong point-of-view about the best ways to succeed in film, television, and streaming, in long-form and short-form, in scripted narrative work and documentaries.

Why do clients come to you?

Because they want to get their work made and seen, with beauty, excellence, and financial viability.

Who do you like to work with?

Producers, financiers, investors, and entrepreneurs who care deeply about quality, have grand ambitions, want to do significant work, and have enough confidence to trust their collaborators and to seek professional guidance. Also, who have enough resources to see their projects through.

When should we call you?

When you are ready to take the next step – or your first step. We get involved in projects at all stages, at their inception or when they are already in post-production or seeking distribution. In most cases, the earlier we get involved, the more efficiently we can guide your resources.

How much does it cost?

We work within the framework of each project, and scale our fees based on the project’s needs and scope of work. Typically, our fees start at $100,000.

Will you work with our current team? Can you collaborate?

Definitely. We are not here to replace great people you already have in place. We are here to provide guidance and expert perspective to work with your available resources. We can also make relevant referrals if you need to strengthen or add to your team.

Do you do fundraising?

No. We are not securities people, brokers, or attorneys. We can certainly give you guidance because we have seen a lot of proposals. In many cases we have been able to reduce the amount of money you think you have to raise by suggesting ways to structure your finance or qualify for incentives, subsidies, partnerships, or sponsorships. We will always insist you have professional, licensed people advising you and signing off on your materials.

Anything else?

That’s about it. Want to know more? Please reach out to us.